I’m Only A King

(Song lyrics, written by me)

Once I was said to have the rise of a Queen,

You brought out the best in me to protect a kingdom

Passion, you protected the Queen, it was passionate

The Queen protected the foundation of her kingdom,

Until Queen was left in the corner like an old toy

The Queen was covered in cobwebs, can’t say you cared

You don’t understand how this crown became a curse,

May as well slipped poison in to my chalice,

I am an old soul , maybe I’m boring, maybe I’m always wrong

I enjoyed being Queen until the stigma was real, you have many Queens

So much passion, you left me with a fast food crown and grief, but I turned a leaf

Maybe I can’t write a song, but you’re still in the wrong,

Real people understand Queens are living breathing people,

Real people built me up to be a king!

Being real crushed your own king – CHECKMATE

I rose beyond your queens, expectations only placed on myself, the king

I am a king full of compassion and vigor

I am a king, built up by real people, to be the king – my own king

Now I build myself up, your queens were only cowards

The weak stick with the weak, afraid of those who are strong

I’m strong, my ties are gone, god don’t save the queen!

Unexpected gems built the king, gems you can’t see, you only see weak queens

Narrow minded and stubborn, you are weak while I am strong!

Don’t touch my gems with your toxic hands,

Especially my true gem, a gem sparkling with support,

The gem voted for a self-loving king, giving a crown filled with nutritious food

I recycled your fast food crown, like you recycle souls

Long live the king!

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