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So I’m watching School Days. I have seen the ending episode before I started watching from the beginning! Also, I have never played the games and don’t intend on it. However, I was curious to see why this show was either said to be one of the best or worst anime ever made in the harem genre. Many will say it’s because of the ending, but if something gets a lot of hate, it really makes me want to look in to it. I’m the type of person once there’s a hype, I get tired of hearing about it, and that can affect something I really like. This anime just gets a lot of hate, so of course I need to know why.

I am not done watching the show yet. It is awfully dubbed and is definitely lost in translation. Also, the characters are in school so obviously they’re growing and don’t know what they want. I think the characters were made to be basic bitches in general, which might throw people off looking for cool characters, but that’s the point of the show – besides, most of us are basic bitches in some areas of life wether we like it or not (unless you’re a snowflake who fails to realize they are a basic bitch in areas of life). I would like to put emphasis on characters “don’t know what they want”.

I see Sekai getting a lot of hate all over the internet, but she’s the character I actually don’t mind. My reason is she is trying to set up Makoto and watch what love is really like, because she herself doesn’t trust it and doesn’t want to be vulnerable. Sekai does kiss Makoto very early in the show and I honestly took it as a test to see if he’s a good kisser, and to test her own kissing abilities. Yes, there are annoying things about her like she never stops talking for the life of her, and is very unaware of how she feels due to focusing on everyone else all the time. Also I don’t think she’s a psycho pushing herself in to other people’s lives like others think – I’m pretty sure Sekai is just trying to put herself out there and get to know people, because it’s high school, and she wants to build connections to help her out in life. Sekai is definitely a Tsundere, but I’ve found myself actually enjoying Tsundere archetypes over time, simply because they have stances on what they will/won’t take from other people’s behavior, and I respect that. Also I may be making a sweeping generalization here, but Tsundere actually have a lot of depth to who they are as characters (sometimes) – I prefer this over the shy, sweet character archetype because sometimes you never get to know them (and to be honest I have a personal bias, I like to befriend people who are nicer, louder than me, and have good social skills, because I personally grow being around these types of people). And this is where I want to talk about Makoto!

Yes, Makoto has no idea what he wants, he seems to be stuck in a void. He lacks social graces, tact, yet he is trying – he’s reading all the books he can get regarding dating, and talks to Sekai regularly because they sit next to one another in school. Makoto in general is a forward person and I think needs people to speak their mind to him, or he gets bored trying to figure out what they’re really thinking. Also Makoto really likes boobs, and the idea of having sex. I just want to say again, Makoto is in high school and doesn’t know what he wants either. This is why he’s trying to date in the first place. Now, the story does take you on a path where you are supposed to hate Makoto, and does a pretty good job at doing this, but I wouldn’t say this is anything out of the ordinary for someone constantly getting “mixed signals” from the person he is trying to date.

Kotonoha is the shy, quiet, sweet, yet awkward girl. She is great at giving mixed signals and not speaking her thoughts. Kotonoha also suspected Makoto of liking Sekai from the very beginning, now this is where I would say drop him and let him figure it out himself, if it’s too obvious (which is kind of is to most of the characters in the show). However, Makoto is good at making it seem like he will go out of his way for Kotonoha and spending time with her, noting he only spends a lot of time with Sekai because they sit next to one another in class. I would like to note sometimes guys choose the shy, quiet, sweet girl because she supposedly seems like she will not give him any shit down the line.

I would like to note, in long-term relationships, I’ve noticed men and sometimes women becoming too comfortable in the relationship to the point they stop initiating things, initiating contact as much, or making as much time for one another, until out of no-where their partner blows up that they don’t feel cared for anymore. If this isn’t expressed, this is when things go south, or the partner breaks up with the other for watching porn and not bringing it up for whatever reason, hanging out with friends during their free time and not making time for the other, etc. Or maybe there is a legitimate lack of appreciation for certain things in the relationship, and it doesn’t get discussed, or someone is ignorant and refuses to believe that’s the case because they’re too in their comfort zone.

I want to note that Makoto is a bit too brazen in making things happen, and Kotonoha is queen of giving mixed signals (Sekai can do this as well). However, I’d like to end this here, and so far call the “mixed signals” on the characters being young and not fully aware of who they are yet. I need to finish watching School Days before I do any sort of review. I fall under the category, this show is so bad that it’s good in a bad way, and I definitely won’t be watching the show a second time once I am finished.

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